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YouTube Partner Program 101

YouTube Partner Program is the key to generate revenue. That isn’t news for anyone. However, for the first time since Google bought YouTube in 2006, it has revealed just how much YouTube makes.

Staggering 15 billion $ in 2019! That is 10 % of Google’s overall income. YouTube has over 20 million subscribers, that makes it the biggest video platform.

Those numbers are more than lucrative. They mean real business.

Reading those facts make you want a piece of the pie? Look no further!

Here is everything you need to know about earning money on YouTube – The YouTube Partner Program 101!

The YouTube Partner Program is your key to earning money

Earning money with your YouTube channel is not complicated. Nonetheless, there are some hurdles to take.

In order to participate in the YouTube Partner Program, you need to fulfil certain criteria.

Your YouTube channel needs to have:
– 1000 subscribers
– 4000 valid public watch hours

Subscribers are people who sign up with your channel. They can get notified when you upload new videos. Your videos also show up on their feed in order of uploading.

Valid public watch hours are gathered only through videos that are set public. However, videos that are private, unlisted, deleted don’t count.

Also, videos of true view campaigns don’t count. That is when your videos show up on the YouTube Search Result Page, Watch Page or Homepage because you paid so.

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YouTube Partner Program, Youtube, BlackbirdPunk Consulting, Digital Consulting for the Music Industry, music industry digital entertainment agency, Berlin, berlin, digital, work digital, freelancer digital music industry

It’s important to gather enough valid public watch hours for the YouTube Partner Program!

Once your channel is meeting the threshold you have to sign the YouTube Partner Terms.

Sign in to YouTube. In the top right, click your profile picture > YouTube Studio. In the left menu, click Monetization…click Start on the “Review Partner Program terms” card. Once you’ve signed the term, we’ll mark this step with a green “Done” sign on the “Review Partner Program terms” card. 

*source: YouTube

Next step is to connect your AdSense account with your YouTube channel. AdSense is the overall advertisement network of Google.

Through AdSense all the ads you see on websites or the google search engine are displayed. As well as on YouTube. That is why you have to connect your channel with it.

Otherwise, there is no way that advertisement is displayed. And that is what will earn you money.

How to earn money on YouTube?

The revenue is calculated through the CPM metric. CPM stands for Cost per Mille and is Latin, meaning 1000.

The cost an advertiser pays for 1,000 ad impressions. An ad impression is counted anytime an ad is displayed.

*source: YouTube

The CPM for your channel can vary depending on the season and many other factors. Before Christmas, for example, companies roll out bigger campaigns than in the middle of summer.

You generate advertisement income from display, overlay and video ads. Google will take a share of roughly 45% of that.

What is more, the YouTube Partner Program enables you to earn money through other sources too.

As an illustration, you can give out channel memberships. Once you hit 30,000 subscribers you can offer your members special content.

With 10,000 subscribers you can unlock the Merchandise Shelf. Here you can sell your own merchandise to your fans.

There are also Super Stickers & Super Chat that can add fun for your fans and a way more to earn money for you. Anyone who views a live stream for example or Premieres has the opportunity to buy Super Chat. That gives the fan the chance to highlight their message while typing it in the chat.

Of course, you’ll also get a percentage of the YouTube Premium income share. Anyone who watches your video while being logged into their YouTube Premium account contributes to this measure.

The final step into the YouTube Partner Program is getting reviewed

Firstly you have 1000 subscribers and 4000 minutes watch hours. Secondly, you have signed the YPP terms and conditions.

Thirdly, you have connected your AdSense account with your YouTube Channel. Now, the great finale is around the corner.

Your channel is now in the queue for getting reviewed. This will happen through an automated scheme as well as actual humans.

Google wants you to meet the YouTube criteria

Google want’s to ensure that your channel is meeting the YouTube guidelines. That means no sexual content or violence in the uploaded videos.

The reviewing process can roughly take up to a month. There is just a finite total of reviewing specialists working for YouTube.

This can lead to occasional delays in the process. In case your numbers drop below the threshold after applying you don’t need to worry.

YouTube stated that once you’ve met the criteria, they will review you anyway. In reality, YouTube will remove the ability to earn money from you if your channel is becoming inactive for longer than 6 months.

Also, if you violate the YouTube policies you’ll get removed from the YouTube Partner Program, too.

What to do if you don’t meet the criteria yet

Don’t let the numbers ruin your experience. If you haven’t met the criteria yet that is nothing to worry about.

Many big channels took years to grow. What is more, Google offers a lot of material for free to enhance your skills.

There is the Creator Academy, for example. Here you can take courses to deepen your knowledge. In the Youtube Help Forum, you can ask your most burning questions. You see, there is a lot you can do to make your channel getting better and better.

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The most important part concerning the YouTube Partner Program is to create the content you love!

YouTube has grown and evolved a lot since its start in 2005. YouTube’s first attention was and still is on content.

Your emphasis should lay on content. And that you love creating it! However, if you only look at the subscriber’s numbers and watch hours you won’t get happy.

Create content that fills you with joy and the numbers will react accordingly.

I hope you enjoyed the read!

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