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Making YouTube SEO Work For The Music Business

YouTube SEO for the music business isn’t probably what comes to mind if you’re contemplating additional income streams. However, it can be a key strategy if you want to expand your monetary footprint.

As with any SEO approach, there are many things you can do. Of course, in the end, it all comes together to one major plan.

If you are new to the topic however, it can be a bit overwhelming to think of all the optimization options.

Here’s the deal. I’ve gathered you three easy steps you can do now in order to get going on optimizing your YouTube Channel.

1. Keywords

Anyone who ever uploaded an official music video knows that there is no time and space to be thinking about keywords. You probably only got the video 5 minutes before the deadline and it’s already past midnight.

Frantically trying to start the upload, you’ll just manage to type in the right version of the song and the description. Maybe you are even wondering where to include keywords in the first place.

If you are uploading a music video for a band where is the keyword suppose to go? Well, it is pretty simple.

The band name, of course, is already the first keyword. However, it doesn’t have to stop there. Keyword research can help you identify words and whole paragraphs that the fans and potential newbies type into the search field when searching for music videos.

You’ll be surprised at what comes up. What is more, if you are trying to build up your channel with fun tutorial videos or behind the scenes material from the last tour, well than the keywords already lay in the topic.

However, if you are featuring a special guitar, for example, try finding out keywords for this too. You see, there are more ways to keyword optimization than one thinks of immediately.

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2. Make captions

One thing most people forget about is that there are a lot of people watching YouTube videos who have certain impairments or disabilities.

Perhaps somebody who is deaf wants to still enjoy your video. Captions are a great way to take care of Accessibility.

On the other hand side, it can be possible for you to have fans in a special part of the world like Mexico City for example.

Making caption in Spanish can help your fans learn the context of your lyrics as well as having the feeling of being included.

Perhaps your band speaks an undetectable Yorkshire accent and nobody can understand them? No problem, just include captions under the video and everybody can enjoy the charm without the trouble.

Another important situation to think about is the workspace. A lot of people watch YouTube videos during work hours. In order to mask the use, it is best to serve them captions so they can enjoy the video without the sound being on.

3. Create compelling Thumbnails for great YouTube SEO for the music business

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We live in an age of iconography. That means that visuals are our preferred way of communication.

If you think about it, they are everywhere. No matter if it is on billboards, newspapers, commercial breaks in the TV, Instagram and other social media channels or simple texting.

Pictures rule the internet. Your YouTube Channel is no exception here. Hence, try to include compelling and visually appealing thumbnails.

Make sure that the viewer can identify the content of the video just from looking at the thumbnails.

What is more, make sure the video title is included in the thumbnail. Increase the contrast so that even tired eyes will catch the image.

Another great thing to incorporate is a coherent visual look over the whole channel. Make sure the thumbnails fit into the colour scheme as well as the choice of the font.

For the thumbnail itself, choose a picture with the face of the person in the video on it. Or at least one of the most prominent frames of the YouTube video. That way, people are more likely to be drawn into the video.

YouTube SEO for the music business doesn’t have to be complicated

There are many different ways to wrap your head around SEO and especially YouTube SEO for the music business.

Start with just a few ones and make sure to always incorporate them. If you become more skilled you can always include more steps into your routine.

However, it is really important to keep the workflow up. You can just go and optimize your YouTube Channel once every year and then leave it to itself.

Instead, make sure to do a little but often and keep up a routine. That way, you will surely work your Channel up the ranks!

Here are 3 things you can do on YouTube today.

I hope that the blog post was helpful! If you have any questions concerning YouTube please do not hesitate to hit me up with your problems.

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