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5 THINGS ARTISTS DO TO STALL THEIR CAREERS- written by Angela Mastrogiacomo for TuneCore.

I came across this amazing post and just couldn’t help myself a little giggle. It totally resonates with me.

To be fair, I haven’t done a reaction post yet because I never wanted to be the one who talks about other people. However, this is a brilliant blog post and you will only hear good things from me.

If you are here for some #hating then you may want to leave. I have no time for bad juju!

What is the tea?

In this brilliant blog post, Angela Mastrogiacomo writes about her experiences with musician clients. There are a lot of myths out there that musicians oftentimes fall for, in my humble opinion.

What I genuinely like, is that she is talking the truth first of all. But also in a way that lets, her love for music and the music business shine through.

Mastrogiacomo isn’t just negative for the sake of all. Moreover, she offers real benefit and you have a definitely learning gain.

Have you ever worked so hard towards something, only to feel like no matter what you do, you can’t get any traction?

*source: TuneCore

Right on the first paragraph Angela Mastrogiacomo get’s the vibe. I personally came across this so often with artists.

But not just them, a lot of music industry experts feel like this, too. Myself included.

It can take a toll if you immerse yourself fully in an idea or business. It is really important to make sure to have a balance and to practise some self-care.

I know, self-care has become a bit of a loose and trendy word. However, if you really define it for yourself rather then copy some Instagram captions, self-care can become a powerful tool!

If I had a penny every time I heard this!


*source: TuneCore

This makes me cringe sometimes. We all get it, making music is fun.

And being a musician sometimes means that you have to immerse yourself with your artistic aura in order to produce original content.

However, it isn’t called music industry for no reason. And please spare me the ‘it was all so much better in the old days’.

If Elvis would still be around, he would tell you some stories about how his manager made him act in silly trash movies!

There have been moments where I heard this and thought, well good that you are sitting together with a digital consultant because, oh dear! , I’m literally here for the work.

Now, I know—you got into this because you love playing music. But the reality is, being a musician these days is about so much more than the music. It’s about connecting with fans, and creating bonds. … about having a business model that scales. … about creating impact. 

*source: TuneCore

To be fair, I love this quote. Because it truly shows the broad aspect of the music business nowadays. As well as the positive chances this brings.

Connecting with your fans is quite straight forward and a good way to get some free marketing in. As well as it gives you plenty of inspiration. Just think of Charli XCX last album.

At what point in time did you not have to have a business model, I wonder? Perhaps the good old mates back 30.000 years in their cave raving on that sweet bone flute. But anyone else making music better buckle up because you need to have it on!

Angela Mastrogiacomo really has her gist together

If you are really living your dream making music and sharing this with your fans you surely will make an impact.

Artists are dying to get on Spotify playlists and see this as the be all end all of success.

*source: TuneCore

Angela Mastrogiacomo really hits a nerve here. And I only can agree. Everyone want’s to be on Spotify and get on that sweet playlists.

However, not understanding what it takes to get there. Without a properly working distributor, it will be really difficult to happen on Spotify.

Don’t be arrogant and think that your pitch as an indie artist will be as impactful as the phone call of a major distributor. Important to realise, Spotify gets thousands of pitches every day.

It’s awesome to land on a Spotify playlist. … But only when it’s paired with the rest of the ingredients. Landing on a Spotify playlist when you have no social media engagement, no press, and only 15 people coming out to your shows, will not change all of that.

*source: TuneCore

First, you need all the ingredients and then let it cook!

So many people want to be famous but don’t walk the extra mile to make it happen. Everyone else is fault but them.

If it’s not working, it’s because your strategy is off. That’s all. …doesn’t mean you suck. …doesn’t mean the world is against you. It just means you need to adjust your strategy a little bit and try again

Again, there is so much wisdom in this. Stay focused on your goal, your dream. If one strategy is not working try tweaking it slightly. Rome wasn’t built in a day either!