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3 Benefits Of Live Streaming That Will Help You Get The Most Out Of It

Live streaming has become an essential tool kit for reaching your fanbase. No matter if you are a well-established band or a newcomer. Also, the music genre doesn’t really matter in the first place.

However, I hear many musicians complain that live streams don’t replace real concerts. Totally! I hundred per cent agree with this.

This is crazy, I don’t think live streams were originally invented in order to replace live concerts. It’s more like a lot of musicians have come to use live streaming because it’s better than nothing.

Be smart and don’t make live streaming do something that it can’t achieve. Rather look for ways to make it work for you.

Clearly, live streaming has been around longer than the corona pandemic. This is important, in order to get the most of this feature you need to understand it’s limitations.

Likewise, getting a real sense of its benefits is arguably really important in order to master this tool for you!

Benefits of live streaming that you can make it work for you!

1. It brings you closer to your fanbase

One of the beauties of live streaming is the direct interaction and participation of your attending fanbase. For once, if you use Instagram Live, you can see the comments from the fans.

This means that you can really take the comments into account in your performance. However, one of the more hidden fanbase interactions lays in enabling your fans to participate.

What does that mean? Well, not all music genres are consumed by 18-year-old digital natives.

Especially the classical music scene has a lot of older people in their audience. People over 50 or 60 years of age don’t naturally feel at home online or in the digital space.

A brilliant way for you to come closer to your fanbase is to offer them an online introduction on how to use the live stream in the first place.

Firstly, this is just a nice way to show that you care for your fans.

Secondly, it shows that you are really appreciative of your fans support. That can really enhance your fan-relationship.

Thirdly, people who feel taken seriously are much more likely to support you on Patreon or buy your newest CD and Merch!

2. It’s instant karma!

Another great thing about live streaming is that you get your fans reactions immediately.

This is crazy, if you simply post a pre-produced video on YouTube, for example. You won’t get as many comments as you probably would like. People online got really lazy.

That’s where a live stream comes into action. You can immediately see and even feel your audience’s reaction.

Use this for structuring your performance. Take breaks here and there and read some comments and react to them.

This can lead to fun and sometimes even hilarious situations. Even more so if you do very engaging performances like fan cover song challenge.

This is when you ask your fans on social media for cover song wishes before you do the live stream. If you manage to call a specific fan out with their name or social media profile handle and then play their cover song wish, then instant karma is yours!

3. You can use live streaming to trick the algorithm a bit

Social media platforms constantly compete for people’s attention. They need attention in order to sell the advertisements their offering.

If nobody would be online on Facebook, for example, it wouldn’t cost as much as it does now to run an ad.

That’s why you don’t ‘buy’ an ad, you run a bid in the advertisement space the platform is offering. If someone else offers a higher price, then they will get the better placement.

Here’s the kicker, in order to keep the attention of people up Facebook and co. rely on new features. Live streaming is just one of those new and fancy features right now.

That means, if you are using live streaming, the social media platforms will push your content much more then if you would post a simple video.

This can really help you if you are just starting out and your numbers aren’t so great yet. However, even if you are an established band you can profit from this.

There you have it, 3 benefits of live streaming for you. The most important thing about new features as live streaming is for me to simply try it out.

Don’t be trapped in a toxic perfectionism! The worst thing that can happen is that nobody will watch. The only one to get hurt from that is your ego.

However, if you try to look at the benefits of live streaming and use the tool for what it is. You can clearly wrap up the benefits for you and your music!

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