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How To Create Content Fast

How to create content fast is a question that probably everyone with a social media channel has thought about at some point in time. However, musicians, who want to market their music really need to push the boat in terms of content production.

It isn’t so much a can-do moment rather than a must-do task. Here’s the thing: most musicians like making music but not so much the work around it.

Unfortunately, there is no beating around the bush, content is king & queen!

A simple way in order to create content is to make it fast. You might wonder how you do that? Well glad you asked, here are some tips on how to create content fast!

Set the right preparations in order to create content fast

Fast content production works best if you’ve already prepared everything. Depending on the space you have, you could set up a small content nook. Here, you can already set everything up you need in order to create content fast.

That is a tripod for your mobile phone and a ring light, for example. This way you can spontaneously create amazing Instagram Reels or TikToks by singing or playing your music.

What is more, treat yourself to a lovely backdrop that you can change according to the occasion. Don’t forget to place your logo in situ so that fans can memorize it.

Find out where your strengths are as well as your weaknesses

We all have things that we are particularly good in and areas where we don’t excel at all. Learning about your strengths and weaknesses is essential in order to create content fast.

Why? By identifying your weaknesses you can overcome them with alternatives or substitutes in order to concentrate your time on things you are really good at.

For example, let’s say you hate video editing and it takes you forever to finish the post-production. Then it could be a smart idea to outsource the process to a video editor. On platforms like Fiverr, you can comfortably hire a specialist who will help you out in no time.

That leaves time and energy to concentrate on your strengths. Perhaps you are really good at organizing amazing locations or do you love to research costumes? Play on this strength and make it your trademark.

Make sure to capture content wherever you are

This is crazy, if you only ever shoot content at home or in your studio it could quickly become overwhelming. One way out of it is to capture content wherever you are. For example, do you have a practising schedule? Make sure to create some content along the way.

Any live shows or live streams are a perfect moment for footage. Also behind-the-scenes content is super popular with fans. It is easy to do and very efficient in terms of storytelling as well.

In order to be actually prepared to capture content along the way, it is a good idea to know what you are looking for.

Content clusters can help you a great deal

Setting up specific content clusters for your social media channels could enable you to always be ready.

A content cluster is a specific framework for one sort of content on a platform. For example, let’s say you have an Instagram account. Your content clusters could be one about your music, one about behind-the-scenes footage, one live touring content cluster and one where you talk about your lyrics.

There you have 4 different categories of content. Now let’s say you are in your studio and about to capture content, you only need to be thinking about your content clusters in order to know what to do.

For example, the environment of your studio could fit the behind-the-scenes cluster. Likewise, let’s say you are sitting in a cafe waiting for a friend and have 10 min to kill. This could be a prime spot in order to quickly showcase some lyrics of yours with a simple notebook and your mobile phone.

Say goodbye to perfectionism in order to create content fast

One thing that holds most people back from creating content fast is perfectionism. The deception that most musicians have is, that only if you show perfectionism you can create great content.

Far from it! Perfectionism is nothing to be proud of. And I know enough musicians to discern that you can also suffer from it a great deal. It is part of our modern-day media that it seems ‘cool’ to have perfectionism. However, it is not a good idea in terms of your mental health.

What is more, you will not create better content!

Here’s the kicker, you don’t need content that is perfect, you simply need content that is good enough. Keep your energy and genius for the songwriting and lyrical work.

5 Signs Perfectionism is Ruining Your Music And How to Fix It

In order to create content fast, you need to let go

Plenty of clients that come to me for consulting want to control what happens on their social media platforms or on streaming services.

And the lack of control keeps them from creating content. They want everything to be perfect (see the previous point) and make sure every little detail matches their artistic voice.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all here for musicians who know their artistic voice. After all, that is one key element of successful storytelling.

However, if your addiction to control becomes so much that you can’t effectively work with anyone then it does not serve you.

Magic moments on the internet rarely happen because someone controlled an event. Viral moments happen because they got out of your reach and into realms of people who have never heard of you.

Being able to let go in order to create content fast is the first step in order to anticipate the possibility of a viral hit.

You need content as fuel for your music success story

The bottom line here is, to create content fast in order to use it as fuel for your music career. Without regular posting on Instagram, YouTube Community Tab or TikTok you won’t be able to reach out to your fans and new people alike.

Transporting your storytelling through content is the best way in order to create a long-lasting community as well as the numbers that trigger algorithms into support.

Don’t be shy, create content fast and reap your success!

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