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This is the Music Industry Tips & Tricks category. Here, you can find all my blog posts that are related to the music industry. Inspired by my long experience in the music industry, I decided to share this with you. Having worked in a Record Label myself, I know the details of everyday work. As well as the strategic planning that goes into manufacturing music. What is more, I supported musicians in 1-2-1 situations. From doing press trips to calming down nerves backstage before a live show.

No matter if you are new to the field or already a music expert. Here, you can find posts that are written for you. I explain even complicated topics informatively. Helping you navigate the sometimes tumultuous ways with my music industry tips & tricks.

Maybe some topics are clear to you and you just need that bit of freshening up your knowledge. In contrast, you’ll find ideas that you may have heard of. But never managed to get your head around.

With this intention, this category is here to cater to all those needs. Giving you distinct insight into one of the best industries out there. There are so many stakeholders working closely together in order to bring the product to the fans.

However, of the course of the digital transformation, completely new areas of work emerged within the music industry. Twenty years ago, nobody needed to think of streaming – or YouTube management. There weren’t any social media around and nobody needed a dedicated copywriter.

Although this may be true, the core base of the music industry hasn’t changed at all. Bringing music to the fans and supporting musicians living their dream.

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Brilliant Copywriting In Music That Will Spark Joy

You’ll all agree that most people have a vague idea of what copywriting is. However, not everyone is familiar with copywriting in music. I’ll show you how you can use copywriting in music as a great tool while you thrive for success.

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music blog, Berlin, music blogger, Fair Music Transparency and Money Flows in the Music Industry

Fair Music 101. Why You Should Care About Fair Music

Fair music transparency and money flows in the music industry is more than an up-to-date topic. Therefore, highly important for so many stakeholders in the music industry. One might ask, how do musicians make money? What is the exact breakdown of revenue streams? Are the payments fair and equal or is the monetization in music

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