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Music Business eLearning 101

Music business eLearning is at an all-time high right now. With the moves of the corona pandemic, working from your home office has become the norm.

What is more, many jobs are lingering in uncertainty. Music industry professionals fear for their work. To say nothing of musicians who suffer from cancelled tours and concerts.

It goes without saying that a lot of people look for further things to do from home. No matter if it is picking up the guitar again or start urban gardening on your balcony.

However, if you really want to amp up your CV then music business eLearning is the way forward.

There are many courses out there for musicians to learn more about their instrument. As well as about the music industry enlarge.

Important to realize, there are also high-quality courses for music industry professionals. So let’s dive straight into music business eLearning!

Music business eLearning can offer you inspiration, knowledge gains and a confidence boost!

Music business eLearning can without a doubt boost your professional skills and improve your CV. What is more, a good course can inspire you to reach for new goals.

The knowledge gains will help your overall cognitive capacity as well as your concentration levels. Most importantly, it will definitely boost your confidence.

By all means, if you work through an important music business eLearning course it will reward you by every step.

eLearning is designed to keep your interest up and breaks each session into bite-size pieces for you to learn and reproduce the material successfully.

Skillshare has lot’s to offer

Skillshare is an online learning platform that features many classes. They also have a huge segment dedicated to music and music business.

Currently, there is an amazing offer where you can test Skillshare for two months for free!

Coursera, your music business eLearning eldorado

This is a similar platform to Skillshare. The difference, however, is that the courses listed are real university courses.

From around the world, there are Universities featuring their materials on Coursera. Important to realize, the renowned Berklee College of Music is one of the many Universities participating here.

Music Business Specification is just one of those courses.

Codecademy, improve your coding skills with ease

Music Business eLearning, BlackbirdPunk Consulting, Digital Consulting for the Music Industry, music industry digital entertainment agency, Berlin, berlin, digital, work digital, freelancer digital music industry

Perhaps you’ve always had an interest in coding and building better websites? Then codecademy is the place for you!

This interactive learning platform is designed to give you in-depth knowledge without any trouble or confusion.

On the contrary, even from the start, each lesson is clear and easily understandable. Because you apply all learning directly into practice you’ll remember the courses for a very long time.

No matter if you want to dive into HTML, PHP or SQL. Codecademy has the exact course for you. The best thing is that you can easily get started with the free plan.

Whenever you feel like you want to upgrade you can do this of course. But it is not mandatory to pay in order to enjoy Codecademy.

Canva, design anything!

Do you work a lot with social media? Then checking out Canva might be an idea.

This amazing design platform lets you produce nearly every product you want. From Instagram or Facebook posts to posters and covers over to even videos.

You name it, Canva lets you design it. Besides being a design platform Canva also offers eLearning!

With Canva design school you can learn everything about properly designing any material you need.

Skoove, your perfect music business eLearning source

Last but certainly not least there is Skoove. This is an amazing way to get back to playing piano.

So many people have an old keyboard or even a piano standing around at home. Particularly in these daring time we live in, music can make such a difference.

It can cheer you up as well as it can divert your mind if you’re worrying all day. Most importantly it can give you something meaningful to do.

With Skoove you can learn online how to play the piano. What is more, that way you can also train your ears!

This is a very important task for any musician or music business professional. Since the ears are literally the gateway for the music to come into you and your heart.

Here comes the best part. In order to cheer everyone up, Skoove has offered two 1-month Skoove Premium coupon codes!

In order to get the code make sure to like the BlackbirdPunk Facebook page and write me a message. First come first serve!

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