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5 Unexpected Uses Of Music

Uses of music can vary greatly. For once it depends on which culture and continent you are located.

Then, it also greatly differs from time period to time period. In the middle ages, music was only happening in the church and at court. Popular music is an invention of modern days.

There are some uses for music that are common sense. By all means, music can reduce stress, ease anxiety and help you find sleep.

However, there are some really interesting uses of music! Read on for 9 unexpected uses for music.

The path to freedom

Slavery was a common practice in the United States of America. And many slaves tried to flee to Canada. It was very hard, of course, to get away from the plantation owner.

The risk was enormous, and many slaves paid with their lives. However, there was a hidden pathway called ‘The Secret Railroad’.

Abolitionists and former slaves helped people get along and to make it save over the border. In order to pass information, spirituals with the musical style ‘Call and Answer’ were vital.

Through those songs, important pieces of information traveled on.

The songs hid the information. Subsequently, the white slave owners weren’t able to understand them.

“One of the first public revelations by a former slave of this practice of secret communication through spirituals is found in the autobiographical writings of the noted Black abolitionist Frederick Douglass, in which Douglass revealed to his readers that some songs interpreted by outsiders as referring to life after death in Heaven, were actually understood within the enslaved African community as signifying a determination to reach freedom in the North, outside the reach and power of Southern plantation owners.”

*source: Rhythm of Life

Tune into the tube, uses of music you wouldn’t expect

You have might come across this use for music before. Have you noticed it though?

With that, I mean the music used in the tube and underground trains in London and many more cities.

It started as an experiment. Now, it has been so successful that it’s in use on many more stations.

The idea is to reduce crime such as robbery or gang violence. Somehow, classical music is stirring violent people away from the public transportation system.

The Transport for London’s scheme to reduce crime and antisocial behaviour by piping such music through stations has been so effective that it has been extended to 40 locations across the network, with more likely to follow.

*source: The Independent

Milk the cows in rhythm

Unexpected uses for music, BlackbirdPunk Consulting, Digital Consulting for the Music Industry, music industry digital entertainment agency, Berlin, berlin, digital, work digital, freelancer digital music industry

One use for music that completely struck me with surprise is in the dairy production. Many farmers play classical music to their cows like Mozart for example.

It seems to calm the cows down. Stress reduction can be one of the factors contributing to this unexpected music success.

Playing music to your animals can increase milk production up to six litres per cow.

‘It is relaxing music for them but, at the same time, it is dynamic, it keeps the cows active. The trick is not to have music that is too relaxing.’

*source: Hans Pieter Sieber

‘Jailhouse Rock’ is one use for music

Johnny Cash wasn’t the last person to make music in jail.

The Irene Taylor Trust, for example, works with inmates on their musical talent.

We believe creating original music collaboratively has a powerful positive impact on people’s lives, bringing new confidence, important transferrable skills and raised aspirations for the future. Music can break down barriers and help people who have found themselves on the fringes of society to become celebrated and valued members of the community.

*source: The Irene Taylor Trust

Born To Run, uses of music in sport

Bruce is born to run

Music can enhance your running performance significantly. Scientific research has shown that music can increase your speed. What is more, your overall well being during exercise also gets better.

No wonder, if there is anything motivating out there it’s probably music. There are even Spotify playlists for different speed levels.

Next time you work out to make sure to tune into a special playlist or your favourite upbeat tune!

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