The musically miscellaneous category displays all the music nerd bits and bobs. Here you can find a variety of posts, all held together by the context of music. In this category, I’m less focused on the mere music industry. On the contrary, this is everything but the industry here. It’s a more playful outlet of posts about music. They help me to keep things fun even if I might dig deep at some industry hard facts. I hope you’ll share the fun I had when writing ‘The 5 Music Nerd Essentials’ or the ‘Best Guide To: Soundtracks’, for example.

When I started the blog, it was a pure hobby. Trying out my newly found love for writing in combination with my love for music. Now, it has evolved into my company website with the blog attached. I wanted to combine those two elements into one website. Believing that it will serve customers as well as blog readers on both sides. And who knows, maybe both parts are in the same person. Combining the two parts together will make it easier to consume and create cross-inspiration.

My plan is to keep the musically miscellaneous category as a reminder to myself. To keep things playful and to make space for creativity. Even when the workload gets hectic, I want to keep the connection with free writing.

What is more, I also want to show with this category that digital work isn’t as drowning as so many people will make it sound like. We do have fun on the internet as well ;).

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The Top 5 Music Nerd Essentials!

In this text, you learn 5 music nerd essentials. From how to pretend to know some Beatles songs, over getting familiar with music theory. Then you find your personal classical composer hotty and you will be recalling the secret musicians ranking by an instrument. Finally, you will delve into the most glorious map of music genres.

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