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YouTube Videos You Can Cut Without Any Trouble

YouTube videos are important for any musician or record label. No matter where you are at in your career, having a YouTube video can really boost your single release.

For once, it gives people something to watch. Important to realise, recent years have seen a surge in video content on the internet overall.

However, especially social media is really video driven by now. What does that mean?

It means that people really like to watch video content. What is more, nobody really likes to read content on social media anymore.

Videos are much easier to digest, include subtitles and you are good to go! Here’s the thing: producing YouTube videos can be really time and budget consuming.

Specifically, if you want to hit the recommended twice-a-week upload schedule for your YouTube channel.

By all means, both time and money aren’t easily available during a pandemic. Of course, you could potentially have more time actually.

However, having no way to play live or to organize concerts for your musicians, the workload has gone up for a lot of people in the music business. Trying to come up with new inventive ideas on how to sell your music as well as making ends mean.

And well, the budget is a concern for most music industry projects. So, in order to save you a lot of sweat and tears, I’ve gathered you some fun YouTube video ideas.

YouTube Videos, YouTube Channel Videos, Sara-Lena Probst, sara-lena probst,, Blog about Music, Music Blog, BlackbirdPunk, Blackbirdpunk Consulting, Digital Consulting for the Music Industry, music industry digital entertainment agency, Berlin, berlin, digital, work digital, freelancer digital music industry

They are easy to do and won’t break the bank. Even more important, they will engage your fanbase most successfully!

YouTube videos don’t always need to cost a fortune!

Most people think of YouTube videos as The Official Music Video. In fact, that is what most channels try to produce.

However, one video does not populate your channel in a good way. Important to realise, the aim is to engage the viewer for as long as possible and to keep watching your videos.

If you only have a couple of Official Music Videos, then there isn’t much to watch. Equally important, the YouTube algorithm is programmed in order to always show the newest content.

That means, having a regular uploading schedule with new content is key to grow your audience. How can you do that?

Aim at uploading twice a week. If you can’t do it then at least once a week. Also, be persistent and disciplined and always upload on the same day.

After all, algorithms are mathematically programmed code pieces that run like the machines they are.

How can you actually use this? Think outside the box and produce YouTube videos that quick to edit and affordable to produce.

Fun YouTube videos for your channel

  • Lyric Video:
    A lyric video can be a great way to showcase your newest single release, for example. Also, it gives plenty of space to present your lyrics. If you sing in a different language then your home country speaks, use subtitles to transport the message of your music to all viewers. Important to realise, lyric videos are super content for social media. Indeed, just cut little snippets out of the lyric video and you’ll have plenty of nice posts ahead. Want to know the best part? Lyric Videos are super easy to make!

You can easily create yours in iMovie or if you are a bit savvier with editing, using Premiere, Final Cut Pro or even After Effects. I personally create most of my lyric videos on iMovie, and it’s totally fine for the job. I think with the right visual ideas behind the text, and a drop of creativity, you can create a professional-looking video no matter which software you employ.

*source: Alper Tuzcu
  • Record a rehearsal:
    This might be far outside of your comfort zone. However, it could be a great way to connect with your fans. What is cooler than seeing your star train their instrument? Perhaps you are well known for playing the guitar. It could be really nice to let your fans participate in your practising. What is more, it can really show off your skills. Plus, you need to practise anyway. And now with the pandemic, it might be helpful for your nerves to actually practise more.

Show your rehearsal space!

  • Room Tour of the rehearsal space:
    When you already in your rehearsal space in order to shoot the rehearsal video, why not try and kill to birds with one stone? Shoot a Room Tour alongside. It could be a great way to show the gear you are using, and the layout of your rehearsal room. Perhaps you have cool ideas to share with your fans on how to get the best out of their rehearsal room? How do you take care of your instruments? What gear are you using and does it need care as well? In case you don’t have an extra room it could be sweet to show the rehearsal nook in your flat. Have you decorated it in a special way? Explain to your viewers why this little corner is special for you.

Reviews are ever-popular with the fans

  • Album Review of your favourites:
    What do musicians love as much as making music? Talking about music! Use this and make a video where you do an album review of your favourites. How have they influenced you? Do you remember when you listen to them the first time? Perhaps you can even cover one or two of your favourite songs from those albums. This is another way to let your fans participate in your life without being oversharing.

There are so many ideas you can turn into YouTube videos. Don’t be to hung up on The Official Music Video idea.

Of course, it can be a great way to really explore your visual identity. It is also great fun to shoot it and be the centre of all attention.

However, in the day to day business of YouTube management, values like consistency are more important.

After all, YouTube’s biggest goal is to entertain, inform and educate. If you manage to hit these three values with your video content then you are in a very good way.

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