Don’t Know How To Build Up A YouTube Playlist? Use Your Old Live Set!

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A YouTube Playlist can really boost your performance on YouTube and bring your channel forward. However, so many people don't actually know how to conceptualise it. Read On!

A YouTube Playlist is a great way to amp up your Watch Time. This is crazy, in order to be eligible for the YouTube Partner Program you need 1000 subscribers as well as enough Watch Time on your channel.

The YouTube Partner Program can really help you earn money with your YouTube channel. For once, it gives you a piece of the Advert-Money Google generates. What is more, you get access to the somewhat mysterious Content Id.

By all means, this is the management tool in YouTube that lets you protect your copyright. Especially if you are a DIY musician without a big record label backing your copyright management.

Here’s the kicker: amping up the Watch Time in your YouTube channel is a bit of an undertaking. For once, people don’t really have long attention spans anymore. Next, the competition on YouTube is not to be underestimated.

However, that doesn’t mean you already should give up. Firstly, optimising your videos directly for the YouTube algorithm can help more people to find it and therefore watch it.

Next, try to spice up your video content all together. This is crazy, so many musicians heavily focus on Official Music Videos. Of course, cutting an epic music video for your most important single can be a great way to engage the fanbase.

However, it is not enough material to keep the algorithm going. A super important metric on YouTube is the upload schedule. In other words, it is really important to regularly upload new videos. Best practise here is twice a week.

YouTube Videos You Can Cut Without Any Trouble

A YouTube Playlist can save the day in the YouTube universe!

As a matter of fact, playlists can really help you to drive the Watch Time measurement higher. For one thing, it makes it easy for your viewers to interact with your content.

If you watch a video in a playlist, the next video will automatically come after it. In case the playlist is curated and hosts videos of the same kind, it’s highly likely that the person wants continuing watching.

Also, playlists let you customise and style the YouTube landing page in an attractive and enticing way. It’s already hard enough to draw people onto your YouTube channel. Once there, you want to keep them there and what is more, watching!

How to create a fun and entertaining YouTube playlist

I hear this question so often: how do I actually create a playlist that is fun for the viewer?

Of course, this starts by producing fun and entertaining videos in the first place. Try to use a material that is fun for you, too!

YouTube playlist

Perhaps you have a cool hobby like motorcycles? Why not make a video about this and use music tracks about motorcycling to knit it all together?

By the same token, you could film some tutorials about things you are really good at. Perhaps you can really play the guitar or there’s this music software you’re digging.

Always try and find video material that is easy for you to cut because you’re already into this area anyway. This way you can keep the time and resources invested to a minimum.

If you really don’t know how to build a playlist using your old live tracklist!

This is crazy, we all know the consequences the covid-19 pandemic has for the music business and especially for live touring. That is not to say you can’t use the material.

What does that mean? It means that you can use your tried and tested live set and make individual tracks out of it. Next, sort the videos into one nice playlist! Now your viewers can enjoy the content similar to the concert.

Of course, I’m not here to say that a playlist on YouTube is as good a live concert. However, I’m pragmatic, too.

If you have already spent many hours figuring out the best tracklist for your songs then it also a good material for a YouTube playlist!

Moreover, this is musical material that you are already good at playing. Again, it’s important to be as economic as possible with your video ideas. Otherwise sticking to a twice a week upload on YouTube will become difficult to maintain.

You can even spice the playlist up even further with behind-the-scenes videos of how you’ve written those tracks. Or perhaps try to shoot a tutorial on how to play your best performing song.

Also, try alternative versions like a capella or acoustic. This can give an old track a new lease of live!

YouTube playlists have many benefits for your channel. Try to get the most out of them. Using the trick of making the most of your old live material can really safe the day.

Not only is it economical, but your fans also may remember the setlist from your last concerts. Nothing bonds you more with your fans than a shared experience.

By using a tour tested playlist on your YouTube channel you can only win!

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