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Facebook Ads For Musicians – Tricks To Make Your Life Easier

Facebook ads for musicians can be a great idea to promote your music. What is more, when you want to drive more engagement to Spotify, running ads on social media is key.

For once, running Facebook for musicians can often be the easiest way to start with social media ads in the first place. This is crazy, you don’t need a minimum ad spend. You can literally start with 5€ a day.

Also, you don’t need to be a professional advertiser in order to get the most out of Facebook ads for musicians. This makes Facebook ads for musicians so attractive.

However, since there are so many features, it can become quite tricky to navigate your way through it.

Surely, running ads on Facebook is only one task in a long day of admin. Of course, you still want to have time for writing the actual music as well as recording it.

Fear not! Here are 4 tricks to make your life easier with Facebook ads for musicians.

How to make Facebook ads for musician work

Here’s the thing: knowing exactly what you want to get out of an ad on Facebook is really the first start. The more detailed you know the results you want to achieve the better.

For example, when you are planning your digital release strategy, having measurable goals is vital. Perhaps you want to get more followers on Spotify. Likewise, maybe you want to reach more people on Instagram in a new territory.

The next step is to identify your overall ad spend for the total of the digital strategy. How much of that budget can you allocate towards Facebook? Knowing your monthly budget will inform your ad campaign.

Important to realise, if you have only a small budget being honest with your goal setting is crucial. Rather than formulating one big goal for the entire year, it could be smart to break this down into smaller and more achievable goals.

Not only will this approach deliver more accountable results and clearer data. It is also much more motivating to hit one small goal after the other than working tirelessly towards one massive objective.

Project fatigue can be quite a killer in digital strategies. Be wise and prepare your strategy in a way that is stable for a long period of time. Again, running a digital release or any game plan means a long haul commitment!

How To Battle Project Fatigue In Your Music Strategy

Tricks for Facebook ads for musicians

First, make use of the resources you already have. By all means, if you have a good old website, make sure to implement the Facebook tracking pixel.

This is a piece of code for your website that lets you measure, optimise and build audiences for your Facebook advertising campaigns.

*source: Facebook

This will enable you to target website visitors directly in Facebook ads. The brilliant thing about the method is that you know, those people already appreciate your music.

You can go on and create a so-called Custom Audience on Facebook containing people who previously visited your website. Saving this Custom Audience means that you can use it for detailed ad targeting whenever you need it!

Facebook Ads For Musicians, saralenaprobst.com, Blog about Music, Music Blog, BlackbirdPunk, Blackbirdpunk Consulting, Digital Consulting for the Music Industry, music industry digital entertainment agency, Berlin, berlin, digital, work digital, freelancer digital music industry

Likewise, you can also create a Custom Audience with people who already engage with your Facebook account. You can actively select people who watched your videos or liked your page.

Next, following on from both Custom Audiences you can actually create a so-called Lookalike Audience. This feature uses the Facebook algorithm in order to present you people that are similar to your Custom Audience. Plot twist: those people have previously not engaged with your content. Meaning, brand new people that are highly likely to fancy your content.

Use case scenario: you can firstly run an ad with a video from a live stream or acoustic session. Here, you can use Custom Audiences. Next, you can create an ad promoting merchandise items, for example.

Of course, you can still use your Custom Audiences. However, you can also spice it up with a new Custom Audience of people who watched the first video ad. Simultaneously, you can then create a Lookalike audience from those people who have watched your first video ad.

Make the most out of your newsletter running Facebook ads for musicians

This is crazy, you can actually upload your collected newsletter email addresses and create a Custom Audience out of it. Of course, you need consent from the newsletter sign-ups for this.

Make sure to include this into the consent form that people need to click on before signing into your newsletter.

After you ensured the save usage of the data you can really create an amazingly detailed audience targeting from this!

How to make use of totally different target audiences

Often times, musicians and bands have target audiences i.e. fan groups all over the world. Perhaps you have a lot of fans in your home town and country.

However, most music is listened to internationally, for example, people from other countries or even continents can also enjoy your music.

Important to realise, if you run Facebook for musicians ads, you want to reach all your fans. Contrary to popular belief it is not wise to cramp everyone in one ad.

Far from it. The best practice here is to divide the fans into sub-segments and run one ad per segment. This means that you will end up with multiple ads. However, the good thing about this approach is firstly your ability to see on one look what ad performs well. And also, the more detailed the fan group for the ad, the cheaper the ad will become!

Here you have it, easy tips and tricks for your Facebook for musicians ads!

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