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Music Release Rationale – Why You Should Always Give Your Music A Reason

Music release rationale is the backbone of any music release strategy, branding, and storytelling. Knowing why you release a specific single or album is key in drawing up a marketing plan that will reach fans and new people alike.

Now, I hear you. The most important reason for you to release music is surely your artistic expression first and foremost. And that is amazing!

However, in terms of the music industry working your music you may forgive me for stressing more technical terms.

Knowing the music release rationale can help your music industry team to adequately market your music.

So, Without further ado let’s jump right into what’s a music release rationale.

Music Release Rationale Explained For You

There are different scenarios in which the music release rationale is taking place.


If you have never released music before, don’t become too caught up with having the best of the best recordings of all times. The music release rationale, in this case, would be to release a single just so you can claim your profiles on Spotify and co.

Be prepared that not many people will actually listen to the song. Keep your recording budget for later, once you have more fans listening to you. If you already spend all your money in the beginning on an elaborate recording session you might not have enough left for the long run.

That is another good thing about being aware of the rationale. It’s easier to take low numbers when you know why it is that you put out music in the first place.

The main focus for a newcomer should be to build up a fanbase. Releasing singles rather frequently could be a way to gain attention.

Of course, that’s not an automatism. You still need to work it on social media, a newsletter, and your live performance (even only for live streams).

But having a lot of content music-wise can give you an excuse to post more. Also, this gives ample space for storytelling and branding.

Advanced Newcomer

If you are what I call an advanced newcomer, things are a little bit different. You’ve successfully worked on your fanbase. That means you have a clear understanding of who’s following you.

What is more, you know the composition of your fan communities.

The release rationale here would be to use your music release in order to communicate with your newly found fans. Make sure to invite them into the process of releasing music.

What is more, let them become a part of your wider team. By creating content and materials that are highly shareable, you can evoke your fans to carry your marketing even further.

The more your fans feel like being part of the release rather than a group that is being marketed, the better.

Established musician or band

Once you are more established, the rationale changes again. Now you’ve worked yourself up into the realms of the super-fans.

This means that you have fans that are willing to spend a considerable amount of money on you. Translate this into the music release rationale and you get your deluxe album, the vinyl box, the live album, and so on.

You see, the music release rationale for an established band is to make the super-fan happy!

music release rationale
Your music release rationale should always have your fans at heart.

Heritage band & the music release rationale

Have you ever wondered why big established bands re-issue successful albums 20 years later? Well, it’s because of the release rationale!

The reason for those re-releases is for one surely to make money. However, if you add enough bonus material you can make your old fans very happy.

What is more, you might even catch the next generation of new fans. Also, something worthwhile to consider is that not all music was always available on streaming services.

Sometimes the rationale is simply to make the music available everywhere.

One thing is for certain, all music that is published should come with a music release rationale. No matter if you are just starting out or if you’re in a heritage band. Being very clear about the incentive of your release can tie your team together and set your music up for success!

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