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Online Course: Music Business 101

Online Course: Music Business 101 is my first ever online course and is now up on the BlackbirdPunk Academy site!

For the longest time, I always did my webinars and courses live. However, since I love e-learning myself, I pushed myself to create an online course.

Many of the advantages that I love about e-learning have inspired me to create my course. Here’s the thing, if you go to a live course about YouTube for example, then you’ll look at your laptop anyway the whole time. I don’t get the point of why you can’t do that online.

What is more, when you do an online course that is on demand it means that you can start anytime and also finish the course in your timing.

Also, in the online course: Music Business 101 you get a certification. I implemented the certification after a lot of my clients asked for one. Moreover, you can add the certification to career platforms like LinkedIn for example.

This showcases your ability to keep on learning while already a part of the workforce and that can motivate you to keep on learning. A well sought after soft skill in nowadays competitive job market.

Online course: Music Business 101

online course: Music Business 101
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The online course: Music Business 101 consists of three segments.

Segment One of the online course: Music Business 101 – Basics of online communication

In the first segment, you’ll learn how to communicate with your fans in a meaningful way. Here’s the thing, the modern web user has so many different apps open and is mostly in a ‘scrolling mode’. That means that someone is scrolling on an app like Instagram for example. You scroll with your thumb in a motion that can be hypnotising at best.

Cutting through this and engaging your fans with your content is difficult. Fear not! In this segment, you’ll learn exactly how you can engage with your fans in a way that gets your message across.

Segment Two – Target audience research

In segment two, you’ll learn how to conduct target audience research. Knowing about your target audience is key in planning any digital strategy or even getting streams on Spotify and Co. It is a task that is worth investing time and effort into it. Also, the more often you do it the better you’ll get at it.

In segment two, you will learn about data analytics, competitive analysis and so much more!

Segment Three – Music release set-up

In the last and third segment, you’ll learn all about the music release setup. In detail, you’ll figure out how to best plan for a release and how you can make it a success.

Lessons like finding goals and how to plan your resources will have a direct impact on your next music release.

Here’s the thing, planning ahead is half the effort towards a successful single or album release.

BlackbirdPunk Academy

The online course: Music Business 101 is part of the brand new BlackbirdPunk Academy. Here, I will release more and more online courses about topics that I come across time and time again. Courses you can look out for will be YouTube Management, Video Production and Streaming Management. And so many more!

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