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Patti Smith And Her Band Perform Horses – 50 Years Of Pure Punk

“Do you know how to Pony?” In 1975, Patti Smith released the iconic LP “Horses”. Subsequently, earning her the title “Godmother of Punk”.

She is now about to celebrate the 50th birthday of that very LP. Patti Smith and her band perform Horses, hence the only acceptable title for the upcoming tour. She is playing the whole album live, with some extra songs of her career.

Patti Smith is a heroine for many music fans, including me, for being just simply raw. Through her art, she promoted a new picture of a female artist. Above all, she paved the way for many to follow. Including the whole new-wave-genre.

Patti Smiths poems live next to Bob Dylan, Gerry Goffin and Carol King

She broke conventions just with her sheer power and punk attitude. Her poetry has to be placed next to great lyricists and writers like Bob Dylan, Gerry Goffin and Carole King.

Her biggest hit in this period was the song “Because The Night” (written to Patti Smith by Bruce Springsteen).

‘Because of the Night’ became her biggest hit

For photographer Robert Mapplethorpe she was muse, friend and partner for many years till his death in 1989. After her wedding to Fred “Sonic”Smith (from MC5), the couple moved to Detroit. Living a family live, dedicated to raising their two kids.

After his early death, Patti Smith was convinced to try a comeback. Allen Ginsberg was the first to insist on her. Followed by Michael Stipe, singer of R.E.M.

R.E.Ms’ Michael Stipe helped her get a record deal

As a young teenager in the nowhere of the US countryside, Stipe wrote a fan letter to Smith (the correspondence was then managed by her mother). The music helped young Michael much and now it was his turn to say thank you. He did this by organizing a record deal for Patti Smith. 

With the album “Gone Again” she managed to deliver an outstanding comeback. Ever since that, Patti Smith was very productive and published various albums as well as a book about her time with Robert Mapplethorpe. The much anticipated “Just Kids”.

‘Just Kids’ is a book about Patti Smiths time with Robert Mapplethorpe

She also helped work on a movie about her life, subsequently titled “Dream of Life”.

In 2007 Patti Smith was introduced into the Rock’n’Roll Hall of Fame. She was awarded with the National Book Award in 2010 and received the Polar Music Prize in 2011 together with the Kronos Quartet.

Women are still forced to justify themselves for being convinced feminists and feminine women as well as music professionals. Patti Smiths example makes a great role model and inspiration. To fight barriers, obvious and hidden ones, to empower oneself and to never stop dreaming of living creativity and love as it comes.

Check here for tour dates!

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