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The Vinyl Factory Podcast – “The Issue With Reissues”

The Vinyl Factory has published a new podcast. A discussion round about up-to-date questions about the recent hype of vinyl records. Previously, the question if ‘the internet has ruined the joy of records collecting’. Now, however, it is about the ‘issue with reissues’ of old vinyl records.

The issue with reissues

In today’s round, there are: Jonny Trunk of reissue label Trunk Records. Quinton Scott, the man behind Strut Records. Orsi Muntyan of Jazzman Records and deputy editor of The Wire, Derek Walmsley.

Jonny Trunk is the founder of cult record Label Trunk Records. It specializes in reissues of film and library music, early electronics and exotic as well as nostalgic recordings.

Quinton Scott is the founder of Strut Records. The focus of the label is on the genres funk, soul music, disco and afrobeat.

Orsi Muntyan is the Senior Digital Manager for Jazzman Records.

Derek Walmsley is deputy editor of The Wire. Derek is commissioning monthly review sections for the underground music magazine.

A nice group setting supports The Vinyl Factory podcast

This goes to show that The Vinyl Factory has a good hand in selecting interesting people for the podcast. The voices of the group are easy to listen to and the podcast is well produced. It feels informative but not too long.

The Vinyl Factory Podcast is divided into three sections. Firstly, the group deals with uprising concerns about Record Store Day. Then they discuss the question of ‘audiophile’ pressings, heavyweight vinyl and what that actually means. The second part is about a more worldwide view. Reissues and ethical questions arising from reissues from Africa, for example. And the third and last section pictures archival reissues. As well as what impact that has on nowadays vinyl factoring and releasing.

Overall the podcast series is really well produced and highly informative for any music fan who wants to get more informed about vinyl records.

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