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Stems – Don’t Miss Out On New Audio Format

Native Instruments has developed a new format for music, Stems. The innovative data solution allows the user to part any track into four different audio tracks. Very useful for DJ’s and remixer and is planned to be a replacement for tools like Tractor. An original track has more than four audio tracks in the mastering process. In other words, the remixer/DJ has to decide which audio track to select for the four pieces available.

Stems is an innovative data solution

This can be tricky business, however, modern techno music and EDM aren’t full-blown symphonies. The user is highly likely not going to feel the miss.

The market entry still may be fresh, but the new audio format is already enjoying lots of industry backup. Labels like Monkeytown, Noir Music and 50 Weapons are on board. Likewise, distributors and download stores like beatport.

Big companies are already on board

It remains to be seen how many places are going to use Stems in the long run. In the same vein, how Native Instruments are going to benefit monetarily from the new audio format.

On the other hand, new possibilities for revenue are created for labels as well as for distributors. Music can now be sold directly as a Stems audio file. This diversification of the product spectrum can be beneficial in the long run.

Stems is open-source and accessible for any developer

Stems is open source and can be used by any developer to be included into software or hardware. That means that the developer has access to all necessary information in order to implement Stems system. That is very helpful for music production, performance tools or media players.

It’s probably not going to take long for the first developers and programmers to write new software based on this new audio format.

Stems uses the .mp4 container format and can be used just like a normal mp3 format through its extension .stem.mp4.

To sum it all up, check this video below which explain Stems in short.

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