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How Music Genre Consumption Changes Due To Covid-19

Changes in music genre consumption due to Covid-19 are quite the gossip. Everyone in the music industry seems to have an opinion on what genres will go up or down.

As a matter of fact, there are some changes in music consumption based on genre classification. However, probably not the way you are expecting.

Got curious? Read on for all the razzmatazz about music genres during the lockdown.

The Covid-19 induced lockdown sees many changes in music genre consumption

The touring sector sees probably the most obvious effect. This year, the famous Glastonbury Festival was due to come back from a hiatus.

The lockdown is having the starkest effect on the live touring sector of the music industry. It is easy to forget just how many people actually work in the live sector.

However gruelling this might be, there are also other changes within the music business. A bit closer home to the live sector lays merchandise.

Most merch simply sells on concerts. It gives many fans a reason to remember the amazing concert they went to.

Without an amazing concert, however, many feel there is no need to buy merch for the sake of wearing a band shirt in lockdown.

This is crazy, the music industry as much as every entertainment industry is living off made experiences.

5 unexpected uses of music

Streaming is the most convenient consumption point for many music fans right now and supports changes in music genre consumption

There is a point of argument that streaming has to been seen with a critical eye from an industry standpoint.

Even more so if you’re located in the independent corner. However, there is no harm in admitting the ease and convenience of streaming platforms. At least in my humble opinion.

If you’re at home without access to live concerts or parties, you’ll probably use the easiest way of listening to music. Even more so if a significant other or children are joining you in isolation.

Is music consumption really seeing an effect due to Covid-19?

No matter the state of the individual in home-lockdown. The overall situation must surely affect music consumption on streaming platforms.

The brilliant team of Chartmetric did a great job and research simply this question. Do changes in music genre consumption due to Covid-19 show on their reporting analytics?

COVID-19’s Effect on the Global Music Business, Part 1: Genre‘ dives into all matters music genres consumption.

Pop, Country and Dance see no changes at all

There are some genres that see no changes at all. Pop, Country and Dance see no effect whatsoever. Perhaps that is due to the broad spectrum within the genre boundaries.

Maybe it is due to the fact that commuting to work is not happening at the moment. Many people tend to listen to set playlists on their daily commute from home to work and back.

Latin, Rap, and Rock seem to have a smaller listenership than normal

On the other hand side, we have Latin, Rap, and Rock. Those genres seem to diminish in times of Covid-19.

Why is that? One can only assume that is it perhaps due to the energetic footprint of said music genres.

They’re all rather upbeat or have a higher beat per minute ratio than previous mentioned classical music, for example.

No matter the reason behind such a collective move away from Latin, Rap, and Rock. It goes without saying that people seem to be in need of relaxation right now.

How Music Genre Consumption Changes Due To Covid-19. BlackbirdPunk Consulting, Digital Consulting for the Music Industry, music industry digital entertainment agency, Berlin, berlin, digital, work digital, freelancer digital music industry

Classical, Ambient, and Children’s are on top right now

The three genres seeing the most growth right now are Classical, Ambient, and Children’s music. Children’s music might correlate with the fact that children are in lockdown, too. Of course, most parents will take care of only playing adequate music.

There is an in-depth research on how classical music can calm down anxiety. Perhaps the rise in the classical music genre is also due to the fact, that people have more time on their hands.

If you don’t have to commute every day for 3 hours you might as well spend those minutes on Beethoven. Or you want to get down with Clara Schumann?

No better time than now to delve into long-form music that takes some time to get through. If you are a music nerd, you might discover that isolation also gives the opportunity to listen to all the music you always kept off for later.

However this crisis will end, one is for sure. Music will go nowhere. And so will music genre consumption.