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Why Now Is The Perfect Time To Collaborate With Other Musicians

Music collaboration is a long-standing tradition in music. Like no matter if in Hip-Hop, R’n’B or Jazz.

Collaborating on music together as musicians can only bring you benefits. In addition, you can learn from the other musician.

Everyone has their own tricks and ways of playing. Also, if you practise together, you even have the added benefit of seeing the other’s routine.

This can immensely improve your performance. What is more, you can reach a new fan group. Likewise, being discovered by people who haven’t had you on their radar before.

Not to mention, the credibility gain of a newcomer who collaborates with an established band. Uniquely, this can help a lot to break into the market.

The lockdown brings new challenges to music collaboration as well as new chances

As a matter of fact, music collaboration has changed dramatically due to coronavirus lockdown. Important to realize, the digital makeover of the music business already has brought big changes.

Now, you can simply send files of music back and forth. Equally, there is no actual need anymore to be in the same studio.

What is more, with advanced live streaming, you can even have little mini-concert together.

The band ‘Blossoms‘ from the UK does this brilliantly. First, they only ‘played’ together as a band.

It was recorded by bringing together video and audio clips of each member of the band performing their respective parts — albeit while abiding by the strict self-isolation measures that are being imposed during the current coronavirus lockdown.

*source: NME

Apparently the singer Tom Ogden is mixing the material all by himself.

This is crazy: now they also invite other musicians from time to time and play their songs together. This a perfect example of successful music collaboration.

Dreaming Of You (The Coral cover) – Blossoms and James Skelly in Isolation

Blossoms will even release an album of those songs called ‘Blossoms In Isolation’. Now, that is what I call adapting to the music environment you are in as a band.

Music collaboration can also be spontaneous!

Pop bands aren’t the only ones who are inventive in these times of corona lockdown. For example, Alva Noto shared a post on Instagram about a music collaboration with Ryuichi Sakamoto.

As an illustration, this shows that you just need a good idea and off you go! Music collaboration does not have to be hard or complicated. That is to say, if you already have a long-standing partner like Alva Noto and Ryuichi Sakamoto, the better.

Some platforms even upload music for you if you don’t have the means to do a live stream yourself

Here’s the deal: doing amazing collaborations are easy if you are an established band. However, if you just starting out, things can be a bit different.

Also, not everyone is as tech-savvy as Tom Ogden from Blossoms to cut the material yourself.

Fear not! There is help on the way. For example, in the form of Berlin-based feministic group Night School Berlin.

An intersectional feminist event series and platform where discourse, live performance and networking come together!

*source: Night School Berlin

Night School Berlin hosts little check-in videos from female-identifying people. This gives a human face to the lockdown.

What is more, it offers visibility for those ladies and a space to share their stories. The videos can be either short or long!

British rapper Shunanji even sends a 30 min long performance. Here, she wents through her gear and tech set up, explaining her rationale when recording.

This gives valuable insight into the daily life of a musician during these crazy times we live in right now.

Music collaborations can have such an impact on your career

Now more than ever, musicians need good strategies to grow their fanbase. With everyone being home-bound, now is the perfect time to reach out!

Music collaboration can also be a great way to divert your mind if you have been worrying a lot.

To put it another way, if you are communicating with another musician over a music collaboration, then this can also be very inspiring!

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