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Digital Strategy For Musicians Today

Digital strategy planning is key when considering to release new music. What is more, even if you are just new to the game, having a digital strategy is important.

Basically anyone working in the music business should have a digital strategy. Why?

The internet has become a key factor in bringing music to fans and listeners. As a matter of fact, not only streaming services are important.

Also, places like Discogs are an important place for music fans online. Even though the forum specialises on vinyl records.

Important to realize, you need to cut through a lot of noise online in order to reach your target audience. Not only that but with global development the internet has reached many places on earth.

That means that more people than ever before have access to the internet. Subsequently, to your music if you manage to attract them.

And voilà, we are in the middle of planning a digital strategy! Here are three important cornerstones for the digital strategy you need to think about.

Planning a digital strategy can be really fun!

Firstly, it could be a very good idea to identify the goal of your digital strategy as precise as possible.

For example, wanting more followers on Spotify is going to need a different approach then wanting to amp up YouTube Watch Time.

Likewise, one could argue that you even need a different strategy for different things in Spotify itself. For example, getting on more playlists will require you to complete different tasks than getting more follower.

Of course, all those strategical planning will benefit all of your digital portfolios. There is no siloing when it comes to the online world.

Digital Strategy, digital strategies for musicians, Sara-Lena Probst, sara-lena probst,, Blog about Music, Music Blog, BlackbirdPunk, Blackbirdpunk Consulting, Digital Consulting for the Music Industry, music industry digital entertainment agency, Berlin, berlin, digital, work digital, freelancer digital music industry

Moreover, you can totally drive more than one digital strategy at one time. It is just really important to identify one key goal per strategy.

If you pair your different strategies together you will feel a real force behind you!

How to identify your digital strategy goal

One important move to do, be honest to yourself. That may sound a bit cheesy but honesty is key when planning.

For example, what resources do you really have? One of the questions I get asked most in my digital consulting is how much money do I have to spend on ads.

My answer most of the time is, well how much can you afford? Where is the use of putting out numbers if your clients just don’t have the funds?

That is why I always encourage everyone to have a proper look at the finances. After that, we will plan an advertising strategy that will get the most out of your buck.

Work with the resources you’ve got!

Of course, big fancy agencies will tell you something different. However, the word Punk in BlackbirdPunk isn’t there for no reason!

I truly believe that you can make it work with whatever you’ve got. As long as you plan properly and identify the project resources.

By the same token, resources do not only mean money. Resources are also the sheer womxn/men/people-power you can dedicate towards your digital strategy.

Again, be honest with yourself. How much time in a day can you dedicate toward this?

How strong are your nerves? Are you easily upset by deadlines and release dates?

These things are important to consider. For example, if you are more on the anxious side then that is totally fine. Schedule a little bit more of a time buffer and always plan to deliver tasks at least three days before you need to.

That way you can have your peace of mind as well as a solid strategy. Planning a digital strategy should always be to plan for the long term.

Rome wasn’t built in one day. By all means, the internet can create incredible fast momentum at times.

However, most of the times that is because someone somewhere had a pretty hard Think.

Make a difference between what you want and what your career needs right now

There is one big danger when planning a digital strategy. Not being able to subtract what it is you want and what it is your career needs at the moment.

Here’s the deal: don’t try and jump over several development steps at once. There are no shortcuts when it comes to digital strategies. It can be tiring at times, for sure.

However, it is really important to keep a cool mind and do what it takes. Your career needs much more development work then you might think.

As an example, if your goal is to get more Watch Time in YouTube. Indeed, you could be under the impression that one impressive Official YouTube video will get you the numbers.

However, the reality is that the YouTube algorithm does not really care for single videos. This is crazy, the YouTube algorithm does not have an opinion or preference.

It is simply a piece of code programmed in order to edit the videos shown to you. In fact, the pure job of the algorithm is to enhance the viewers’ experience.

What does that mean? It means that if you only have one video on your YouTube channel it is not going to be much fun to stick around for the viewer.

Likewise, you wouldn’t put on Netflix if there was only one show, right? You tune in because there is loads to watch.

Exactly, that is what you have to do with your YouTube channel. Produce as many off-the-road videos as you can.

Firstly will you save money and secondly populate your channel with something to watch.

Do you see it? Doing what’s best for your digital strategy is not always what your ego might fancy.

Make an in-depth Target Audience research

Another key part in developing your digital strategy is to identify your Target Audience.

Target Audience Research – Key Points You Need To Know

Basically, the job is to identify people that might like your music. Of course, it is really good to know your fans. However, in order to grow, you have to know the people you need to conquer.

Again, don’t be tempted to cut corners. Use all available data resources and analytics to identify possibilities for growth.

Spotify For Artist, Google Analytics and Facebook Insight could be a good starting point for this.

Important to realize, don’t just assume who your potential new fans could be. It is tempting to simply model the new fans after yourself.

However, this would only set you up for failure. For one, it is really limiting your circle.

Why? As I said above, the internet is truly globalised. A 30-year-old womxn from India will hardly enjoy the same food as I do, for example.

However, she might listen to the same music though. It is also slightly arrogant to assume your fans must be like you.

Don’t judge people before they even had a chance to watch your one Official Music Video on YouTube.

In essence, a digital strategy needs much more emotional work then the name suggests. However, after all, the base of any good strategy is the artist and subsequently the music.

Two parts that are emotional beings and body of work. Taking this into the centre of your digital strategy will make it much more approachable.

Not just for you but also for the fans. In the end, that should the ultimate goals for any digital strategy.

Making people and fans feel that they are at the centre of your efforts!

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