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Spotify Followers 2021 – UPDATE!

Spotify followers 2021 are as searched as they were in the old year. However, there are certain updates that can help you get the most Spotify followers 2021.

For once, making sure you are implementing all the advice from 2020. For example, optimising your Spotify profile so it looks attractive. By the same token, having a fresh artist pick playlist at hand can make the difference for a fan.

As always, making the most out of Spotify for Artist doesn’t really change with the years. It’s important to look at the big picture when it comes to data analytics.

Never just analyse one source. Important to realise, only when you put the data into context you can really learn something. Use all available data resources from Facebook to Google.

What is new for Spotify followers 2021?

The new year started with a bang. Spotify allegedly removed over a thousand tracks from the streaming platform. Why? Because they were after fraudulent playlist promotion.

That means if someone uses a third-party tool in order to dramatically increase the numbers or listings on playlists. This is crazy, Spotify does not like this. What they are after is organic growth, and you spending any money on Spotify itself.

For the longest time now Spotify tries to come up with ideas on how to make the music industry spend ad money. With the Spotify Ad Studio, even DIY musicians and bands can place their own audio ads.

Actually not remarkable that Spotify wants people to spend the ad money with them rather than a third-party tool.

So without a doubt, one of the biggest updates is to keep your eyes peeled for any third-party tool. I don’t want to say that they are all bad. Sure, there might be third-party tools that can actually help you get on playlists in a good way. However, the danger that your tracks will be removed ways to heavy, in my humble opinion.

Make use of your lyrics for Spotify followers 2021

This is crazy, only a few musicians really use the full potential of their lyrics. In this fast-moving streaming age, everything that makes your fan engage with your music helps.

Also, not every music fan necessarily speaks your language to such a degree that they understand every word. A display of lyrics can really help here.

What is more, it gives ample space to run fan competitions. All in all great ideas to increase engagement. Surely, Spotify is also looking at your follower count. However, it is also vital that people immerse themselves with your profile. Not just on Spotify but also on Instagram.

What is even more important, drive people from Instagram and co. over to Spotify. Lyrics can be a great way to communicate with your fans as well as expressing yourself.

Make the most out of tools such as Genius or Musixmatch. The best thing about Musixmatch is that you can also use the lyrics on Instagram! Kill two birds with one stone and use your lyrics on Instagram in order to drive people over to Spotify!

Amp up collaborations for Spotify followers 2021

Here’s the thing: the current situation isn’t easy, I know. However, as little we can do right now, there are still ways in which you can be creative. Collaborations are one of them.

Without a doubt, the digital technology that is widely available for musicians now makes collaborations easier than ever before. What is more, you can really work on creating a digital hype together and get the best of both fan groups.

Even if you are not ready on collaboration on an actual track there are still many different ways on how to work together. For example, you can produce someone’s track and in reverse have them produce you.

Also, you can work on a shared playlist and use it as both your Artist Pick Playlist. The options are endless.

By all means, you can use SoundBetter. Certainly, the Spotify owned platform can really help you to find the right people to collaborate. It is basically a job platform where you can advertise your needs and find the perfect match.

Shows with music – Spotify’s newest gimmick

From time to time, Spotify comes up with new features. Make sure to check the page regularly to not miss any news.

Although most features are rolled out in Beta in special territories only in the beginning, they will sooner or later be available for you too. The new feature gives you ample space to connect talking with music.

You can either use this to talk about your biggest influences. On the other hand side, you can also make it super fun and talk about an area of your life that isn’t well known.

Either way, always try and make the most out of new features. For once, Spotify will try and promote new features more. This means your content can rank higher than it would normally. Also, your fans your more receivable when there’s a new feature.

Keep writing music in 2021!

Spotify followers 2021, how to get more Spotify followers in 2021, 2021 Spotify followers

Perhaps the biggest factor for more Spotify followers 2021 is that you keep writing and producing music! I know this sounds corny but it’s vital that the music scene and industry perseveres.

One day the pandemic will be over, in the meantime, people need music more than ever now. No matter if they finally try to start doing fitness at home. Or if they are bored out of their sock in their home office.

Having the right tune to cheer you up can become vital in 2021. Don’t forget that music is so much more than Spotify or the whole lot of social media together. From the first known music instrument to the modern-day music industry. Music has always played an imperative role in society!

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