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I got into vinyl with the big resurgence that was in everyone mouths. It now seems to have slowed down a bit. However, that might be due to the production capacity being reached.

Even though the demand went higher and higher, the production capacity stayed the same. At the moment, it seems that nobody wants to invest money into building new pressing plants.

Maybe they think that it is just a hype and that vinyl will finally be dead in a couple of years.

However, I think that vinyl has a place in music consumption now and in the future. As handy as digital files and streaming might be, a lot of people want to have something tactile as well. In addition to that, the sound of vinyl is just distinct different to a digital file.

Record Store Day is certainly getting bigger and bigger. That shows that even niches in the music industry have the possibility of surviving. Contrary to the belief that only the newest technology and gadgets are valuable. Besides, the vinyl probably only has a chance especially because of digital files. Studies show that a lot of people who buy it doesn’t even have a record player.

Will vinyl ever be a mass-market product again? I don’t think so. But it doesn’t have to be that anyway. If it keeps up with modern-day life to offer analogue experience and fun, it’ll be worthwhile.

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